Kataaro Tips

We're offering some tips and suggestions relating to Kataaro martial arts products. Feel free to email us with your suggestions or questions.


Tip 001 - Don't wash your belt. If you do it may shrink. Besides that, martial arts tradition suggests that your belt should darken over time with your blood, sweat and tears. Eventually it will be "near" black.

Tip 002 - If you must wash your belt, try our suggested wash/dry method in our FAQ section.

Tip 003 - If you've lost weight and your belt no longer fits, Kataaro can shorten it for you. Send it back and we'll cut and splice it at the middle where the seam won't be noticed. Also, in most cases, we can add a segment to lengthen the belt. Call for pricing. To intentionally shrink your belt, soak it in cold water for a few minutes, then spin dry in your washer. Tumble dry for maximum shrinkage (up to 8%) or air dry and stretch for minimal shrinkage.

Tip 004 – You can tie your belt by starting in the middle but it will have an uneven overlap in the back. We suggest starting from one end and then wrapping around twice. Visit our Belt Tying page for a graphic.

Tip 005 – If you’ve put on a few pounds and would like to lengthen your belt a little, you can stretch it. Soak your Kataaro belt in cold water for a few minutes, then put it in the washer on the final spin cycle with a couple of clean towels. Next, hang the belt from your basement rafters and attach a 40 lb. weight to the end until it’s dry. Our test yielded a 3” gain in length using a 30 lb. weight with a 130” x 1.75” wide cotton belt.

Tip 006 – When sizing your belt, we suggest about 12” of belt hanging down from the knot. We typically will embroider no more than 11” of the belt ends. Use our belt size calculator to estimate your correct belt size.

Tip 007 – If you are adding rank stripes to your existing belt, we may need to remove the existing ones and replace them to get a good color match and alignment. If you’re adding stripes to a Kataaro belt, we should not need to remove the old stripes.