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Browse the Kataaro Image Gallery to discover some of the custom martial arts belts, patches, and uniforms embroidery we have created for customers over the years. Additional images on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Hogan Karate Belt Logo

Purple Draculino BJJ Belt

Embroidered Belt Korean Cross

Couching Tiger Logo


Master Belt Tang Soo Do

Embroidered Textron Six Sigma Black Belt

American Express Six Sigma Black Belt

Embroidered Renshi Belt


Embroidered Kobudo Karate Master Belt

Embroidered Metallic Gold Border Belt

Embroidered Black Belt Front Only

Embroidered Shotokai Karate Metallic


Embroidered Aikido Olive Branch Belt

Midnight Blue Tang Soo Do Belt

Brotherhood Of Martial Artists Belt

Embroidered Aikido Black Belt


Embroidered Black Belt

Embroidered Black Belt with Shadow

Embroidered Black Belt Flame Logo

Embroidered Kempo Arnis Belt


Amy Reed Black Belt Academy Logo


Embroidered American Express Six Sigma Logo

Embroidered Judo Uniform Japanese Kanji


6 Sigma Baxter Key Chain

6 Sigma OI Key Chain

6 Sigma InnoPath Keychain

6 Sigma QFDI Key Chain


Blue with Silver Outline

Border Belt with shadow outline

Korean Dotum Font



Allen Steen Grandmaster Belt

Shotokan Tiger Black Belt

coming soon

coming soon