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Kenpo Black Belt - Brushed Cotton

Item # 4949

The iconic look for Ed Parker Kenpo and other Kenpo/Kempo martial arts disciplines. Go above the industry standard when it comes to your belt quality. Soft brushed cotton is reinforced with durable and generous double cotton core.

Hand-crafted. American-made. You've earned it.

  • Hand-crafted, American-made
  • 100% brushed cotton outer material
  • 100% cotton double core
  • 1/2 inch sewn rank stripes
  • 4-1/2 inch 5th and 10th degree sewn rank stripes
  • Sewn ends

*If your system requires different sized stripes or sleeves, request the sizes in the special instructions box.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

The belt I have ordered is very high quality, I would defiantly will recommend this company, and will order all my black belts through this company.

I ordered the 10th degree kenpo belt and it is superb!! Excellent quality and craftsmanship! I love the way it feels already broke in. Also like the fact it's done in the USA! The belt is perfect! Terry Taylor

I received the belt today and I wanted to tell you how much I absolutely love it. The craftsmanship is outstanding and the materials used to construct it are of the highest quality. I intend to recommend your company to all my black belts. Thank you for your outstanding work. -- Jeffery Roddy

I received the belts today and I am thoroughly impressed with the craftsmanship. In addition, the order arrived a full week earlier than I thought it would. You have exceeded my already high expectations and I will certainly recommend your company to others. Thank you for offering such high-quality products and service. --Wayne Hickman

Best belt I've owned in 28 years! --Kevin McDonough

Kataaro is my supplier of choice for all of my black belts. The quality is superb, and my students love the way the belts feel and how they break in quickly but still last a long, long time.

Got your 7th dan belt a few weeks ago. I was very pleased. I have ordered another one for another of my students who will test next week. Quality and workmanship are the best I have seen. Terry Shea

I ordered and received a custom Kenpo Karate fifth degree black belt. The belt is first class. The five-inch rank stripe is perfect. The belt is relatively wide (1.75") and thick, yet is soft and supple enough that after 4-5 wearings it ties as if I had been wearing it for years. Thank you very much. I am more than pleased with your product. --Wayne Sitz

I got my black belts the other week and was very pleased with the quality of work. Many sensei was so pleased with the work and how nice the belt looks he is ordering one himself. Thanks so much. Sensei Steve Anderson

I received my Kenpo Black Belt today, I must say that it is one of the best belts I have ever experienced. The quality craftsmanship that goes into these belts is very high quality. I will only award my students with Kataaro belts from now on. They deserve the best, and Kataaro delivers the best. I am equally happy that these hand-made belts are made right here in the United States. I have seen many belts from Japan that match up to the quality of a Kataaro belt. -- David M. Cunningham