Martial Arts Belt Information


All Kataaro martial arts belts are hand-made in the USA by skilled craftsmen. We use the best materials available such as 100% cotton strapping core, heavy-weight 7.5 oz. outer material, and super-strong polyester trilobal thread. All belts have sewn ends and matching thread colors. A variety of belt widths are available: 1.50 inch (narrow); 1.75 inch (standard rank belts); 2.00 inch (rank belts, black belts, and master belts); 2.50 inch (large black belts and large master belts); 3.00 inch (XL black belts and master belts). The thickness of Kataaro belts varies for each belt style. Rank belts are approximately 3.0mm thick, while "soft" firmness belts are approximately 4.0mm thick, and "stiff" firmness belts are approximately 5.0mm thick. Please note that the "stiff" firmness option means stiff, and will need some breaking in. Also, a larger size may be needed for stiff firmness. Our Grappling Weave belts are approximately 5.0mm thick, but are pliable, similar to our "soft" firmness belts. More information on belt firmness.

Kataaro Martial Arts Belt Construction Fill Martial Arts Belt Construction Felt Martial Arts Belt Construction

  • 7.5 Ounce weight outer fabric
  • Heavy-duty stitching
  • Sewn ends
  • 100% Cotton single and double core
  • Sourced and made in USA

  • Thin polyester outer material
  • Standard stitching
  • Loose-fill core material
  • Treated with dangerous chemicals
  • Imported

  • Thin polyester outer material
  • Standard stitching
  • Heat-cut ends with sharp edges
  • Felt and plastic core material
  • Imported


Kataaro belt sizes are in 5 inch increments, from Size 0000 (75 inch) to Size 24 (210 inch). Our tolerance for length variation is up to 2 inches short and up to 3 inches long. A custom length (123 inch, for example) may be requested in the Special Instructions box, but this custom length will also be subject to the standard tolerance. When choosing a size, consider that the wider the belt you choose, the more length is utilized in the knot area. Our Belt Size Calculator can help with making size choices. Also, keep in mind that there are other dimension tolerances for martial arts belts such as belt width, thickness, rank sleeve length, etc., up to approximately 3/16 inch. Compare Kataaro sizing to some other jujitsu and karate belt brands, such as Century Martial Arts, AWMA, and Fuji:

Jujitsu Karate Belt Size Chart Comparison to Adidas, Fuji, Gameness, Hayabusa, Ouano, AWMA, Century, Eosin Panther, Sun, Shureido, and Tiger Claw.


There are a variety of black belts, master belts and rank belts to represent most martial arts disciplines including karate, taekwondo, judo and jujitsu. If you don't see a style or martial arts belt design that you need, please let us know.


To add embroidery to any martial arts belt, select YES, add embroidery at the embroidery option. Additional embroidery options will appear once text is entered into the text box. Belt construction will begin when the order is placed, but embroidery will not begin until a visual proof is approved. More embroidery info...

Care Instructions

We do not recommend washing your martial arts belt since some shrinkage or discoloration may occur. Additionally, the 100% cotton fabric belts are not considered to be color-fast materials, so color fading may occur under certain washing conditions or with sun exposure. The poly/cotton and satin belt materials are considered to be color-fast and will not fade during washing. Keep your Kataaro martial arts belt dry and protected from direct sun exposure. See our FAQ page for more care information for your Kataaro belt.

How To Tie A Karate Belt

Need to know how to tie a karate belt or obi? Here is a method with step-by-step diagram that will eliminate the cross-over on the backside of the belt. This method can be used for for tying a karate belt,taekwondo belt, jiujutsu belt, or most any other martial arts belt.


How to tie a karate belt - Step 1 Start by holding the label end of the belt across your abdomen, in front of you with your right hand. It should hang a couple of inches longer than the length you want the belt to be when it is tied. Wrap the other end of the belt behind you and around your waist with your left hand.
How to tie a karate belt - Step 2 Wrap the belt around your waist a second time while maintaining the position of the label end of the belt.
How to tie a karate belt - Step 3 Tuck the non-label end of the belt under both layers and up. Pull both ends to tighten the knot. The label end of the belt should still be on your left side.
How to tie a karate belt - Step 4 Fold down the non-label end of the belt.
How to tie a karate belt - Step 5 Tuck the label end of the belt under the other end and over to your right side.
How to tie a karate belt - Step 6 Loop the label end of the belt around the other end and through the knot.
How to tie a karate belt - Step 7 Pull to tighten the knot. If the belts ends are not the same length, untie the knot and adjust the length.

Tying your belt to a display? Click the link for a video showing how to tie a karate belt to a martial arts belt display.