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Are you a fan of Kataaro? Do you want to be rewarded for your enthusiasm for Kataaro products and services? Here's how to become a Kataaro Brand Advocate:

1. Link

Place a customized Kataaro Banner, which will be provided, on your martial-arts-related website.

2. Earn

Refer people to your Kataaro Banner. First-time Kataaro customers will receive a 10% discount. Any order placed through your Kataaro Banner earns you Loyalty Points equal to 5% of an order subtotal. Earn Kataaro rewards based on number of referrals.

3. Spend

Earned Loyalty Points are added to your account at the beginning of every month. Your Loyalty Points are automatically applied to your next order for your convenience.

*In order to participate in the Kataaro Advocate Program, you or your website admin must have access to add HTML code to your website.

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