Care Instructions

How do I wash my Kataaro martial arts belt?

We recommend that you don't wash your martial arts belt due to possible shrinkage. Try using packaging tape to lift surface dirt from your belt. Apply a piece of clean tape to the dirtied area of the belt and then remove it. Repeat this with the clean areas of the tape or with a new piece of tape until the belt is clean.

If you must wash your belt: First, wash separately in warm water on gentle cycle with mild detergent and fabric softener if desired (DO NOT use bleach). Then, immediately after washing, gently stretch the belt back to its original length. Finally, to maintain the belt length, clamp the stretched belt to a rigid object, such as a metal chair back, to air-dry (example). Do not use a laundry dryer. Washing your belt in this way will NOT affect the embroidery.