6-Sigma Certificate Content

6-Sigma Green Belt Certification


How will you offer congratulations for that new 6-Sigma Green Belt? An ancient proverb says, "The right word at the right time is like precious gold set in silver." Your certificate text should include meaningful wording that matches the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve a belt level. Thoughtful wording might include something like: "Your dedication to completing the 6-Sigma training and benchmark projects exhibit your professionalism, commitment to excellence, and leading by example. Congratulations on your achievement."

We also encourage using language familiar to your company culture and training processes. Use lingo that resonates with your team rather than generic wording. For maximum effect, be as specific as possible. Here at Kataaro, we like to say, "You've earned it!" because no one gifts a Kataaro martial arts belt that was not earned. It is awarded only after the martial arts master has seen the skills and dedication consistently exhibited with excellence by the student. A 6-Sigma certification is similarly earned.

Take some time to review the wording of your current certificates and make sure it's worthy of the achievement. The award will be cherished like gold set in silver.

If you are looking for 6-Sigma awards, Kataaro has certificates, belts, displays and accessories for all levels. Visit Kataaro.com/6Sigma to view our offerings and to get in touch with our team.