General Resources
The recognized martial arts system of Aibudo.
The source for Aikido information.
Thinking martial arts.  First international convention for research and development of martial arts.


How To Start A Martial Arts School .com
Free advice and tips for martial arts instructors and studio owners


Karate For Christ
Karate For Christ - International is a Christian martial arts organization.


Martial Arts
Martial Arts - Wikipedia


Martial Arts Register
Martial arts club registry in the U.K.


Martial Arts History Museum
Online Museum and brick-and-mortar museum in Los Angeles, CA


Open Black Belt
Free martial arts software online
Philip R. Burns Martial Arts Website Links


Seishin-do Karate Systems
Useful tips and information.
Martial arts information site.


Tim Cartmell Shen Wu Martial Arts


Martial arts network


Trainer Profiles is a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and managing all types of Fitness careers.  Featuring Personal Fitness Trainers, Martial Artists, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists, Health Clubs and Chiropractors.


World Martial Arts College
Get the recognition you deserve! Rank recognition and Certification is available to all styles and systems via the World Martial Arts College!



Alliance Martial Arts
A school of international arms - modern & historical


Chicago Martial Arts Classes
Learn Karate, kickboxing, boxing, muay thai, kali, tae kwon do, jui jitsu, judo, kung fu, jun fan and more at Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts, Chicago.


Inaka Dojo
Aikido Club in New Lenox, IL and Beecher, IL.


Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts and Fitness
6701 W. North Ave., Oak Park, IL
Ph: (708) 383-3456


Quite Storm Martial Arts
MAKOTO RYU NINJUTSU - "The Sincere and Truthful School of Ninjutsu"


Ronin Martial Arts Academy
Krav Maga training in Grand Rapids, MI.


Mark Grove
Stunt training for martial artists.



Kathol Kreations
Belt displays


Swords, blades, Samurai swords, Japanese katana / swords, Arwen sword, Elven sword, Fantasy knives and martial arts equipment.