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Hapkido is a Korean martial art, which literally means "The way of coordination and internal power." Hapkido is a complete martial art in that it consists of: dynamic striking and kicking techniques, very similar to Tae Kwon Do, both hard and soft style deflection techniques, throws, takedowns, ground-fighting, and extensive joint locking techniques. Hapkido is the combination of two Korean Martial Arts - Yool Sool which comes from the Japanese art known as Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jutsu and Tae Kyon which is an ancient Korean Kicking Skill.

Much of early Hapkido history is difficult, if not impossible to establish accurately and is often based on oral recitations that cannot now be substantiated.  It is clear that both Ji Han Jae and Choi, Young Sool were major contributors to this art.



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