Deluxe Panel Belt 5 Inch Red White
BJJ Jujitsu Red White Panel Coral Belt
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Deluxe 5-Inch Red White Panel Belt

Item # 49313RW

Sometimes known as a kohaku obi, and often worn for various Japanese martial arts as a high level ranking. Let your presence be known when you wear this superior quality Kataaro belt. Color transfer protection is implemented in the 5-inch long panels, which are then finished off with matching stitch thread for a clean look. Hand-crafted. American-made. - You've earned it. -

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  • Colorfast poly/cotton outer material
  • 100% Cotton double core
  • Matching thread color
  • Sewn ends
  • The unique length of the panels makes the design exclusive to odd number belt sizes.
  • Hand-crafted, American-made

Note: Washing this belt may result in shrinkage of up to 5%.

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Up to two lines of custom embroidery may be added to each side. Logos may be uploaded if desired and other features may be specified in the Special Instructions box below.

With the Front-Back embroidery option, up to two lines may be embroidered on the back of each side as well. Please specify the back-surface embroidery details in the Special Instructions box.

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Customer Reviews

by on July 9, 2022

I ordered a 5 inch red/white panel belt last year with Black embroidery. Incredible quality and certainly wouldn't go anywhere else now for belts.

by on November 2, 2021

This is the finest belt I've had around my waist! When I started ordering from here years ago I didn't realize how customizable the belts were. I wanted the 5-inch paneled belt but I did not want red and white, I wanted black and red and I wanted them to make the furthest panels black and they were able to do all of this and this belt is a work of art! I couldn't be happier with my purchase and will wear this belt with absolute pride. Thank you yet again Kataaro for blowing my mind with your amazing craftsmanship!

Product Review Photo

by on September 20, 2015

This is one of the finest traditional Red and White panel belts I have ever worn thank you Tom. Kyoshi Drabczyk

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