Kataaro Japanese Neon Bushido Warrior
Kataaro Martial Arts T-Shirt - Neon Warrior
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Kataaro Martial Arts T-Shirt - Neon Bushido Warrior

Item # T001-NW

Embrace the Way of the Warrior with this Kataaro Bushido T-Shirt. This original Kataaro design fuses traditional and modern elements, with a Samurai illuminated by a bold, electric teal. Each design is imprinted on your shirt when you order, keeping in step with Kataaro's made-to-order practices. Great for casual wear or for training. This comfortable t-shirt is perfect for every martial arts fan.

Hand-crafted. American-made. You've earned it.

  • 4.3oz weight colorfast fabric
  • 48% Polyester/52% Cotton material
  • Wash-and-dry tested designs
  • Male/unisex sizing
  • Production time is 6 business days

For minimal shrinkage of shirt and fading of design, wash in cold water.

Customization is currently not offered on Kataaro Tees. Browse any of our hand-crafted, American-made martial arts belts for customization and embroidery options.


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