Deluxe Transition Jujitsu Rank Belt
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Deluxe Transition Jujitsu Rank Belt

Item # 49461

This exclusive Kataaro jujitsu belt design features a transition layer that is a different color from the color of the belt. Show you are ready to earn your next BJJ rank when your endless hours of rolling break down your outer belt color and expose the secondary color of the transition layer. Extended training will wear at the transition layer and reveal the natural cotton core. The stitching color on the label identifies the transition color.

Hand-crafted. American-made. You've earned it.

  • Colorfast poly/cotton material
  • 100% Cotton single core
  • 1/2 Inch rank stripes with 1/8 inch spacing
  • 3/4 Inch instructor trim (if selected)
  • Premium sewn ends
  • Hand-crafted, American made

Note: For white belt, white fabric will be doubled.

More belt info...

Up to two lines of custom embroidery may be added to each side. Logos may be uploaded if desired and other features may be specified in the Special Instructions box below.

With the Front-Back embroidery option, up to two lines may be embroidered on the back of each side as well. Please specify the back-surface embroidery details in the Special Instructions box.

THE PROCESS: After the order is placed and payment is received, Kataaro will CRAFT your belt and start digitizing any requested logos. We will then email a PROOF of the embroidery design for your review. Once you approve the design, Kataaro will EMBROIDER the belt and ship your order after careful inspection for quality and accuracy. Click the diagram below for more info.

Embroidery Process Diagram

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*Change requests after order is placed may add cost and production time*
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Customer Reviews

by on March 27, 2019

I just received my new brown belt today. I was skeptical about paying this much for a belt. All of my previous belts were from Century and thought they did what a belt needed to do. After recently being promoted to brown I decided to splurge a little but remained skeptical. Honestly, how good could a belt be? Well after getting my new Kataaro belt I am completely blown away by the quality and feel of it. The quality if off the charts. The feel is amazing. The first knot I tied was perfect. If you are on the fence about getting one of these belts just do it. You will not regret it!

by on February 13, 2019

I recently received my blue belt (midnight blue), it’s a really beautifully done. Unfortunately for my gym it's a no go, too dark, too close to black color. Better to ask your gym before or stick on the regular blue color. ** Response: Yes, the Midnight Blue color is very dark compared to our standard blue or a traditional blue belt. If you are not sure this color is what you are looking for, we suggest sticking with Blue. -- Kataaro LLC

by on September 14, 2018

Just received my brown belt from them and this company takes pride in craftsmanship. Having ordered my blue and purple belt from them in the past, it was really easy to reorder. I did order this one longer due to shrinkage during wash but this was also easily taken care of. Good company with good service.

by on January 26, 2018

Just received my BLUE->PURPLE transition belt and am thoroughly impressed with the craftsmanship. This is my second belt from Kataaro and again they delivered. I can't wait to wear this sucker down.

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