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Iaido Belt

Item # 4993

This traditional Iaido martial arts sword belt design holds the katana firmly in place with a comfortable fit with the layered twill cotton and sturdy 9 rows of stitching. Be confident your saya is secure during training when you wear this hand-made masterpiece. Hand-crafted. American-made. - You've earned it. -

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  • Layered poly/cotton material
  • 9 Rows of stitching
  • 4.00-Inch width
  • Adult and child sizes available
  • Sewn ends
  • Hand-crafted, American-made

Note: Washing this belt may result in shrinkage of up to 5%.

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Embroidery is available for the Iaido belt. Since embroidery location may vary widely, please email your embroidery requests or specify in the Special Instructions box below.

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Customer Reviews

by on August 1, 2023

I like the belt a lot and use it more than anything else. I should have asked for something a little longer, but that is not your fault. The material took a little getting used to, but I mean "only a little". After fifteen minutes I was comfortable with it and figured out after a while that I did not have to tie it as tight to get the same kind of rigidity as other belts. It washes well, holds up well, and the colors don't fade quickly. It's a solid product and I hope my video conveys that. I don't really have any criticisms or complaints about it.

by on July 2, 2021

Very good high quality iai obi.

by on November 18, 2020

Excellent quality! Thick and sturdy material. If you prefer a wider, more stable kaku-obi for iaido, jodo or kendo, I highly recommend.

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