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Deluxe Jujitsu Rank Belt

Item # 4946

Made with the serious jujitsu practitioner in mind, kick your reputation into overdrive on the mat with this deluxe BJJ belt. Double cotton core anchors the durable poly/cotton outer material to allow for a lifetime of rolling, while protecting against color transfer.Add the appropriate sewn-on 1/2 inch rank stripes and/or 3/4 inch instructor trim to make your belt your own. Hand-crafted. American-made. - You've earned it. -

Our Easy Ordering Process:

Karate Belt Ordering Process

  • Colorfast poly/cotton material
  • 100% cotton double core
  • 1/2 Inch rank stripes with 1/8 inch spacing
  • 3/4 Inch instructor trim (if selected)
  • Premium sewn ends
  • Hand-crafted, American-made

Note: Washing this belt may result in shrinkage of up to 5%.

More belt info...

Up to two lines of custom embroidery may be added to each side. Logos may be uploaded if desired and other features may be specified in the Special Instructions box below.

With the Front-Back embroidery option, up to two lines may be embroidered on the back of each side as well. Please specify the back-surface embroidery details in the Special Instructions box.

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Customer Reviews

by on May 13, 2024

Quality is top, very luxury:) Shrinkage is dramatically:( from 274 cm to 260. Need to order one more longer.

by on May 6, 2024

I didn't know a belt could look and feel that nice, expectations are more than exceeded, you will be amazed by the quality!!

by on January 18, 2024

This is by far the nicest belt I've ever had. Went for the soft option in term of firmness and it is perfect. The length is exactly as I had ordered.

by on October 28, 2023

This is hands down the best BJJ belt made. Shoyoroll, war tribe, none of that even comes close. I have had my blue belt for 5 years, I've rolled in it a lot. I've worn it in competition and it's still in amazing shape, though a little worn after 5 years of use. I'm very happy with this and I will be sticking with Kataaro for all of my future belts as well. Totally worth it!

Product Review Photo

by on April 16, 2023

My professor turned me on to this company while shopping for a purple belt since the time is drawing near for a promotion. After looking over the amount of options I was sold. Custom widths, an exact custom length so you know exactly what you're getting (the blue belt I'm wearing now is an A4, but for most brands is considered A3 length and the tails are much shorter than what I prefer), and the shade of the colors give a very clean high end look. The stitching is perfectly spaced down the entire length of the belt, there is not a single stray thread at the end of a row of stitching, or any sloppy folds in the seams. Kataaro obviously cares about the quality of the product they're selling and takes pride in their work. I knew I was buying a high end belt but my expectations are far exceeded.

Product Review Photo

by on November 26, 2022

I was gifted a Kataaro belt when I first started training Jiujitsu. Six years later I continue on with this amazing brand as I ordered my purple belt. I love the color and how the belt holds up over the years. My white belt was the Delux/stiff—it was a bit too stiff for my overall preference but it always looked picture perfect. My blue belt was the Delux/soft and I found that to be the perfect level of stiffness for me. Can’t wait to break in my new purple belt! Thanks for providing such an awesome product to accompany me throughout the years, Kataaro!

Product Review Photo

by on November 21, 2019

After being promoted to black, l decided I'd spend a little more to get a really good belt and this one is fantastic. Not only does it look great but feels so sturdy and like it will last forever. I went with 1.75" and since I chose stiff went up a size like recommend. The length is perfect, I am truly stoked on this belt and highly recommend it.

by on April 5, 2016

I had the standard ranked belt as a white belt, and decided to go with the deluxe after I got promoted to blue belt. Quality of this belt is second to none, and now I have confirmation that I will have Kataaro belts for as long as I do jiu-jitsu. Fabio C.

by on December 5, 2013

Just got my belt in the mail and WOW!! Amazing quality and craftmanship! I haven't experienced customer service as good as Kataaro's for a long time as well. I will be a repeat customer for sure!!

by on April 16, 2013

I got my belt in December as a Christmas present. My wife let me do the ordering. I ordered my belt and after reading their website which says; "If you are close to the larger size, go with the larger size;" I increased the size of my belt. It's perfect. After almost 4 months of rolling 3 or 4 times a week, the belt is looking great. It's wearing perfectly and holding up nicely. It's breaking in perfectly. I had 11 row stitching on a 1.75" belt at 125" long with embroidery on each side of the belt without the black strip.

by on March 4, 2013

I just recived the belt from you. Perfect made with very nice colours, almost satin black and the red sleve is beautiful. Well worth the money I'm sure that this belt will last many years! Thank you!

by on March 4, 2013

I just recived the belt from you. Perfect made with very nice colours, almost satin black and the red sleve is beautiful. Well worth the money I'm sure that this belt will last many years! Thank you!

by on January 26, 2013

Incredible belt!!! As we know in Jiu-Jitsu we work Very Hard for our ranks and deserve wearing a quality belt that reflects the quality of our Art... These are well built and ooze quality..You won't regret spending the money!!!! Go ahead, you deserve it...

by on October 11, 2012

I would like to thank you for the belt. It is AWESOME!! I finally got promoted to blue today. So I can put it to good use. -- Steve D.

by on November 11, 2011

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